Thursday, February 26, 2009

At least she's honest!

So this morning Eric and I were sitting at the kitchen table and heard yet another scuffle between Erin and Aiden. They were again fighting over a particular toy that they both need. Of course she was sure to use the word "need" as if that would make me give it to her over Aiden. The truth is that they both have toys that they seem to be attached to. Erin likes her little Disney princess dolls and Aiden loves his Cars as in the movie "Cars" cars. Erin thinks that because the car named Sally is a girl that it is her car, yet every day we tell her it's actually Aidens car he is just being very nice and sharing it with you, but there are days like today when he chooses not to share. Now while I completely believe that they should share their toys I do think that it is nice for them to have some toys that they don't have to share if they don't want to. For Aiden it's the cars and Erin it's the Disney princess dolls (which for those of you who are curious aiden has not yet shown any interest in so there isn't usually fighting over those toys) So on with the story, they were fighting over sally. Eric and I were both trying to explain the concept of sharing to Erin. We were explaining to her again that it is nice when we share our toys with others, but if she is not willing to share her things with Aiden then she should not expect Aiden to share his toys with her. As she was contemplating all of this in her head she looked at us and said "...but I get a little crabby when I have to share with my friends." Now a good parent would have said something like "yes that is true but we still have to share because it's the right thing to do." I on the other hand could not control my laughter I didn't even have time to turn my back to her I just busted out laughing. Eric was quick to point out that this was probably not the correct response. It was just so funny how quickly she blurted that out of her mouth. So to this I say "At least she is honest." Obviously we still have some work in the sharing department.


I have normally not really participated in Lent. There would be discussion on it in the church and in my house but I never really felt the need to participate. I guess I just assumed it was more of a catholic tradition and I didn't really need to do it to prove I was a christian. In all honesty I don't think I really understood the meaning.
I have been faced with many difficult situations in my life and every time God has seen me through them. In the last seven months I have been taught some very valuable lessons. Ones that I would rather not have had to learn. I am understanding more about who God wants me to be as a wife and a mother. He is teaching me patience in a way that I will never forget. I have learned what it means to be humbled. I have also learned the power of forgiving and how relationships can be repaired. God has been so good to me and I have not been who he has asked me to be. It laugh now looking back at the signs and situations that God had placed before me to show me who he wanted me to be, but instead I ignored and tried to do things my own way. Why do we have to be so stubborn? I am sure that there will be more lessons to learn in my life and some may have to be repeated....just like children. (as a matter of fact I just had to stop my writing to teach yet another lesson on Erin and Aiden)
So after all of that I have decided that this is a good year for me to start celebrating Lent. I wanted to give something up that would be noticeable for me. Something that wouldn't be so easy to do. I sure picked a good one. It may not be a struggle for some people but it is for me. I have an addiction to Soda. I have at least one a day sometimes two. It is an energy boost for me. I crave that caffeine. I started yesterday and it was the most miserable day I have had in a long time. My head started to hurt around lunch time and did not go away until I fell asleep that night. I was so glad that Eric was off yesterday because not only did he help with the kids but he helped me fight the urge to give in to a soda. It really is funny when I think about it. All day long I was trying to rationalize in my head that it would be OK for me to drink one, that giving up soda may not have been a good idea. I even started to think....what if I just have one more today and then start tomorrow. I was getting desperate. At the end of the day I knew I had chosen the right thing to give up because it something I think I need but don't at all. It will definitely be a way for me to rely on God to get me through the days. It may sound silly to some, but it is going to be hard for me. To quote blog I read this morning "...this is the least I can do compared to what he has done for me. " (Thanks for the reminder Heather)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Being a Mom

I remember as a teenager how exciting it was for me to babysit. I absolutely loved to be around kids. I would always think about what it would be like to have kids of my own someday. I was definitely naive when it came to what it would be like to be a mother. It's a lot harder than I imagined.
Well that day is here and there are times when I feel so overwhelmed that I don't know what to do with myself or my kids. There are times when I feel so inadequate as a mother. I constantly look at other moms and think "boy they have it together, a lot better than I do". I often wonder if I'm doing a good job with discipline or if I am too impatient with them. I think that I'm not as consistent as I should be with them. I wonder if I need to plan more activities with them, do more art projects with them, should I be teaching them more than I am. All questions that may never have a right answer.
Then there are moments like these:
Erin puts her hands on my face and says " I love you mom"
Aiden calls out "momma momma where are you?" and comes running when he sees me.
Erin helps Aiden eat some jello, he can't get it on the spoon so she feeds it to him.
The excitement in both of their eyes when it's time to do our devotion at night.
The way Aiden loves to pray so much that he jumps up and down in his bed yelling "Amen"
Hearing Erin pray: "Thank you for all my family, Thank you for all my friends, Thank you for the rain."
These are the signs God gives me to let me know I'm not doing so bad. What a blessing my kids have been in my life. I may not do things right all the time but my God is watching over me and watching over my kids and that gives me the comfort I need to get through the days when I feel inadequate.

Valentine's Day

We didn't really do too much for this day because Eric and I are trying to save some money and Eric had to work most of the day. So Erin and I made some valentine's day cookies. We made hearts, lips and flowers. The lips were our favorite ones to make. For lunch I made the kids peanut butter heart sandwiches. They weren't as excited as I was about them. We also made cards for daddy but for some reason I didn't take pictures. They turned out pretty cute though. I love to see how Erin draws herself bigger than everyone else. We had a fun day but we were very happy to see Eric when he came home.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Last monday Eric had the day off so I decided I would make an appointment for the kids and I to get our hair cut. I have not had a hair cut in about six months so it was definately time. We are very blessed and have a neighbor that is a hair dresser. She is wonderful and cuts the kids hair for free and mine at a very generous discount.
Erin enjoys getting her hair cut, she is definately my daughter because we both have better attitudes after we get our hair done. She will pretend to be Holly (the hairdresser) and fixes is anyones hair that will let her. Aiden also enjoys a nice hair cut. He sits in my lap very still while she cuts his hair and smiles when she uses the buzzer on his neck. It is a very fun thing. Here are the kids after their lovely haircuts.

We had such a nice day together as a family. Daddy let mommy get her hair done. It was so nice. Sorry no pictures of that sorry. I didn't get a picture of my hair after it was done. I was able to have it colored and highlighted. It was about an hour and a half for me to get my hair done. I am so blessed to have a husband that spent his day off keeping our two children occupied in the car and outside while I got my hair done. It was a wonderful day and the kids were so good for Eric. I think he enjoyed the time with them too. It really is true that getting your hair done makes you feel good! There were no tears that day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bed Time for Erin

So at night I have tried to have some sort of regular ritual for the kids. It is especially nice when Eric is home and we do it together. So we start off doing our devotion or comotion as Erin likes to call it. (She makes us all laugh at what she calls things.)Anyway we do our devotion and she repeats the bible verse after me. Very sweet to hear your baby recite the bible. Then it comes to prayer time. She worries me a little because when it comes time to praying she seems to always be wiggling, talking,and eyes open. Maybe that is why she calls it comotion time. Who knows at least Aiden enjoys praying. He screams at me "Pay! Pay!" it is very precious.

After we do our devotion we read a story and lately I have been reading "Bed Time for Francis". Which could really be named "Bed Time for Erin". If you know my Erin you know that bed time is always an experience. She is constantly getting up and requesting thins from me. One time she got up and I met her at the door she was caught so off guard that she was talking very slowly in order to try to think of something to ask for. She said "I...........I.......forgot to.......I need.........Um.....I just......need....." after that I stopped her and sent her back to bed. Anyway she is just like Francis in the book. So as we were reading one night I stopped and said "Erin who does this sound like?" she looked at me with big brown eyes and a cute smile and said "Me!" I told her she was right so we finished the book, I tucked her in, gave her a hug and a kiss and she looked at Eric and I and said. "Good night Mother. Good night Father" so I said "Good night Francis." I love her little mind and how it works. She is full of life and a huge imagination.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Funny Glasses

These non-prescription glasses had been left at Erics work for a while. He decided to wear them one day at work and see what people said. Nobody said a word. It was rather funny. So he brought them home and Erin and I had a good laugh at how cute Aiden was in these glasses. Erin was also very cute in them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A story about Erin

Erin Marie is quite a girl. She is full of life and is always up for a long, long, long conversation about anything and everything. She is a very opinionated child and refuses to believe any other opinion. For example I am trying to get her to start potty training. We talk about sitting on he potty all day. This is how one of our conversations went:
Me: (after changing her diaper for the third time in an hour due to some constipation issues)
Erin did you know that if you sat on the potty mommy wouldn't have to change your diaper anymore. You could just pull your underwear off and on all by yourself.
Erin: (looking at me with a very serious face. Mouth all crooked and eyebrows burrowed)
Mmmmm......that's not a good idea mom!
and so that was the end of that conversation.
Another conversation with her about the potty whent something like this:
Me: Erin did you know that your cousins Maddie and Kenedee are the same age as you?
Erin: They are!
Me: Yes they are, and actually you are just a little bit older than both of them.
Erin: I am!
Me: Yes you are, and did you know that they both sit on the potty like big girls.
Erin: I need to get bigger mom.
She is a very busy girl and it doesn't bother her one bit that other kids her age are using the potty. She makes me laugh every day and I love everything about her. If only I could see things as she does.

New to me

Ok so this whole blogging thing is new to me so I'm going to do my best to make this a worth while blog. The little cutie in my title picture is my boy Aiden and his big brown eyes. I thought it was a good picture for my title. My girl has the same big brown eyes, but I liked this picture the best.