Thursday, February 26, 2009

At least she's honest!

So this morning Eric and I were sitting at the kitchen table and heard yet another scuffle between Erin and Aiden. They were again fighting over a particular toy that they both need. Of course she was sure to use the word "need" as if that would make me give it to her over Aiden. The truth is that they both have toys that they seem to be attached to. Erin likes her little Disney princess dolls and Aiden loves his Cars as in the movie "Cars" cars. Erin thinks that because the car named Sally is a girl that it is her car, yet every day we tell her it's actually Aidens car he is just being very nice and sharing it with you, but there are days like today when he chooses not to share. Now while I completely believe that they should share their toys I do think that it is nice for them to have some toys that they don't have to share if they don't want to. For Aiden it's the cars and Erin it's the Disney princess dolls (which for those of you who are curious aiden has not yet shown any interest in so there isn't usually fighting over those toys) So on with the story, they were fighting over sally. Eric and I were both trying to explain the concept of sharing to Erin. We were explaining to her again that it is nice when we share our toys with others, but if she is not willing to share her things with Aiden then she should not expect Aiden to share his toys with her. As she was contemplating all of this in her head she looked at us and said "...but I get a little crabby when I have to share with my friends." Now a good parent would have said something like "yes that is true but we still have to share because it's the right thing to do." I on the other hand could not control my laughter I didn't even have time to turn my back to her I just busted out laughing. Eric was quick to point out that this was probably not the correct response. It was just so funny how quickly she blurted that out of her mouth. So to this I say "At least she is honest." Obviously we still have some work in the sharing department.

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