Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bed Time for Erin

So at night I have tried to have some sort of regular ritual for the kids. It is especially nice when Eric is home and we do it together. So we start off doing our devotion or comotion as Erin likes to call it. (She makes us all laugh at what she calls things.)Anyway we do our devotion and she repeats the bible verse after me. Very sweet to hear your baby recite the bible. Then it comes to prayer time. She worries me a little because when it comes time to praying she seems to always be wiggling, talking,and eyes open. Maybe that is why she calls it comotion time. Who knows at least Aiden enjoys praying. He screams at me "Pay! Pay!" it is very precious.

After we do our devotion we read a story and lately I have been reading "Bed Time for Francis". Which could really be named "Bed Time for Erin". If you know my Erin you know that bed time is always an experience. She is constantly getting up and requesting thins from me. One time she got up and I met her at the door she was caught so off guard that she was talking very slowly in order to try to think of something to ask for. She said "I...........I.......forgot to.......I need.........Um.....I just......need....." after that I stopped her and sent her back to bed. Anyway she is just like Francis in the book. So as we were reading one night I stopped and said "Erin who does this sound like?" she looked at me with big brown eyes and a cute smile and said "Me!" I told her she was right so we finished the book, I tucked her in, gave her a hug and a kiss and she looked at Eric and I and said. "Good night Mother. Good night Father" so I said "Good night Francis." I love her little mind and how it works. She is full of life and a huge imagination.

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