Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A story about Erin

Erin Marie is quite a girl. She is full of life and is always up for a long, long, long conversation about anything and everything. She is a very opinionated child and refuses to believe any other opinion. For example I am trying to get her to start potty training. We talk about sitting on he potty all day. This is how one of our conversations went:
Me: (after changing her diaper for the third time in an hour due to some constipation issues)
Erin did you know that if you sat on the potty mommy wouldn't have to change your diaper anymore. You could just pull your underwear off and on all by yourself.
Erin: (looking at me with a very serious face. Mouth all crooked and eyebrows burrowed)
Mmmmm......that's not a good idea mom!
and so that was the end of that conversation.
Another conversation with her about the potty whent something like this:
Me: Erin did you know that your cousins Maddie and Kenedee are the same age as you?
Erin: They are!
Me: Yes they are, and actually you are just a little bit older than both of them.
Erin: I am!
Me: Yes you are, and did you know that they both sit on the potty like big girls.
Erin: I need to get bigger mom.
She is a very busy girl and it doesn't bother her one bit that other kids her age are using the potty. She makes me laugh every day and I love everything about her. If only I could see things as she does.

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