Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Morning!

I have to start this explaining that Erin is always up before I am. She is so sneaky and quiet that I can never hear her on the monitor. So most mornings I wake up to a little pat on my hand and open my eyes to this cute little smiling face staring back at me.
This morning was a little bit different. She came in very quietly, I didn't hear her. So she tiptoes up to me pats my hand, startles me awake and before I can say anything she says. "um....mom Aiden took his jammies off and my diaper broked and is falling off and has poop in it." She said this all in one breath. I wasn't so concerned about the Aiden taking his jammies off, because that is starting to become a habit for him, it was the part about the broken diaper and poop that concerned me. So I decided I better get moving before I have a huge mess to clean up if I don't already. Sure enough her diaper had broken but it was only wet. Thank goodness. She is a funny girl and of course I go to get Aiden and he is down to his onesie. At least he hasn't figured out how to get the onesie off.

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