Thursday, March 12, 2009

Praise the Lord!!

Well I had been told that this day would come although I had my doubts. You see I have this very stubborn little girl who had me convinced that she would stay in diapers the rest of her life. She is the kind of kid that will only do things if she comes up with the idea. She is only interested in doing things the way she wants to. So when it came time to potty training she did not want to have anything to do with this. Now while most kids try to mimic their friends, Erin was perfectly happy knowing that other kids used the potty and not her. She has two cousins that are within days and months of her and they are both potty trained and have been for some time. Now normally I don't believe that we should try to be exactly like someone else, but in this case I'm all for it. Unfortunately she was not bothered at all that Maddie and Kenedee both use the potty. In fact she would even rejoice with Maddie when she would use the potty, but when asked if she would like to try the answer was always a loud "NO!" as she runs away.

So the day is finally here and all it took was a little bribery. Well that and I think she was a little bothered that her younger brother is pretty excited about the potty. Aiden has started to show interest in using the potty so I figured I could use this to my advantage. Every time he would sit on the potty I would give him some M&Ms and would also make sure it was right in front of her. Cruel I know, but I was desperate and it worked. So she saw that he didn't have to actually go in the potty in order to get some candy. So she started sitting on the potty and getting her M&M's. After a few times I changed the rules to she actually had to go pee pee in order to get the candy. I was afraid that this could cause some trouble but she has been willing. We are on day four and have had great success. She has only had two accidents and is now wearing big girl panties! I am so proud of her and her eyes absolutely light up with excitement every time she goes now. Thank you Jesus!! I am so excited I'm not sure who gets more joy out of this Erin or me. Either way it's been a great week for us.

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  1. Yeah for Erin Marie!!! I knew she would do it just when she was ready to, I bet you're relieved.