Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh how I love my kids!

They are so silly, this was taken by Eric when he was with the kids one night. He said they sat like this for a long time watching a movie.
So I have a few stories about the kids that I just feel like I need to share because I think they are pretty funny kids.

He has been doing this for a while now. He started singing this little song that goes like this "wazzo wazzo wazzo" pretty easy song to remember right? Well it is so much fun to sing that now Erin requests that he sing it. The funny part is that there are times when he will sing this in a very deep growling raspy kind of voice that for a moment it sounds like he's saying "WAZZZZUP" like the beer commercial from a while back. The kids just sit and laugh as they sing this little song. I have no idea where this started or what he got it from. I think it's pretty cute though.

Also, he is talking a whole lot more, and there are still times when I have a hard time understanding what he says but this one I know. "I wub eww mommy" heart melts especially when he cocks his head to the side, squints up his little eyes and has the sweetest little smile on his face. I just want to squeeze him so tight and never let him go.

Oh my do I need prayer with this one. Every day she surprises me with something new. That kid is always thinking. My mom called me this morning and said that she was remembering the day Erin was born and she came out talking. So true! I hadn't thought about it before but she never really cried, she let out these sweet little cat noises almost like she was trying to form some kind of word. I should have known that we were in for a ride with this child.
This happened a while ago, but there was one night she hadn't really eaten her dinner and I felt bad so let her eat a bowl of cheerios before bed. As we were sitting there this is how the conversation went:
Erin: can I have some more mom?
Me: No we are just going to have one bowl tonight.
Erin: Mom I am not asking you for another bowl, I am asking you for more cheerios!
Ahhh....what am I going to do with her. She amazes me with the knowledge she has.

Yesterday as we were driving in the car we pulled up next to a truck. This is how the conversation went:
Erin: Why did that truck take all of our stuff?
Me: What truck? What stuff?
Erin: you know the truck that came to my house and took all of our stuff.
Me: (light bulb goes on) mean when we moved to Mimi's house?
Erin: Yes, where is my stuff, I'm never going to see it again.
Me: Erin don't worry our stuff is at Uncle Bryans house.

Ok so for those of you who don't know when we moved from Michigan last July we had to store our stuff at Eric's uncles house because there was not enough room at my parents for all of our stuff. Also during the conversation she was naming toys that were missing. Now I don't know about other kids but I thought that with kids this young it was kind of an out of sight out of mind thing. Apparently I was wrong because Erin Marie remembers everything. She is too smart.

That's it for now, although it won't be long before they both give me new material to share.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy Days

We actually did this a few weeks ago but it's been kind of rainy the last few days and it reminded me I had these pictures to put up still.
When we moved back home from Michigan I didn't think I would need snow boots for the kids this year because we hardly get enough snow here to play in. Well I was wrong so Papa (my dad) got the kids these rain boots on clearance at Lands end. It turns out they are pretty handy. We have used them in the snow, rain and on days when we feel like singing B-O-O-T-S!
On this particular day it rained hard for just a short period of time, enough to make nice puddles to jump in. I didn't decide to take them out until Eric came home from work. Just before he had gotten home there was a gorgeous rainbow that unfortunately I did not take a picture of. I showed Erin and Aiden and we stood at the front door just staring into the sky. Erin was pretty amazed, Aiden was not as interested. I took this opportunity to explain to Erin that God sent us rainbows as a reminder that he will never flood the earth again. I'm not sure she understood completely but we do sing the song "Who built the Ark?" Anyway I could tell the wheels were turning in her head because suddenly she looked up in the sky and said "God you need to give my daddy a new job." It took me a minute to figure out where that had come from, but I'm thinking that she understood that God keeps his promises so she thought this would be a good opportunity to ask him for another promise. Who knows what really goes on inside that pretty little head of hers, but I thought it was sweet. I don't know that Erin really understands that Eric really does need a different job, it's just that she knows that her daddy is gone a lot more than he used to be and she doesn't like it. Then again she's pretty smart and is very in tune to my feelings. She knows when mommy is upset. I'm trying to get better at not letting things affect me in front of the kids. Some days are harder than others but God gives me the strength I need to make it through another day.
Anyway on to the pictures, after daddy came home we took them out puddle jumping for the first time. They were actually more hesitant than I thought they would be, but by the end of it they were pouring rain water out of their boots.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Easter was full of lots of excitement. All of the girl cousins got to play together. The boys however tuckered out and were napping when all of the excitement was going on.

Eric came in the bedroom to take pictures of the mess they had made, this was Kenedee hiding behind the crib. I think she thought they were going to get in trouble.
This is the messy room they made. Maddie is sitting on the ball, with Erin's winter hat and gloves on. They were pretending it was snowing.

This is when they all came out yelling "Super Girls!" They got into the kids towels that have the hoods on them. It was so funny! They sure have big imaginations.

While we were waiting to eat lunch papa went outside and hid some more eggs for the kids to hunt. They were believing that the Easter bunny hid their eggs outside too.

The girls were very sweet, they would find an egg and put it in the others basket.

This was after church, I should have taken the pictures before. They were not so willing to stand still. I couldn't get Aiden to stand still.

Handsome Ethan Michael

There's my handsome boy!

The girls in their matching dresses. Thank you Mimi and Papa! They are always so nice and buying the girls their Easter outfits.
We had a very exciting Easter and also relaxing. We stayed home and everyone came to us. It helps living with my parents. The girls had lots of fun playing together. They each have very unique personalities and when they are together they have a blast. Kenedee was very sweet and quite and carried this stuffed Kanga around the whole afternoon, Maddie was the clown/comedian, and Erin....well she is a little bit bossy, but they all had fun and there was very few disagreements. Aiden was able to join the fun for a little while after lunch, but then he needed to rest. He is a funny boy, especially with all the girls. He most likely had no clue what they are playing, but when they laugh, he laughs, and when they run, he runs. He's a precious little boy and I am very blessed to have him. I am also very blessed to have such a precious little girl. I am very grateful for my sister-in-law and cousin who have raised such sweet girls. We are a very blessed family! Thank you God!

Easter Events

OK so these uploaded backwards. So we are starting with Sunday morning. We were hunting for eggs. They were very excited to see their Easter baskets full of goodies, and to find the hidden eggs.

This was Saturday night dying our Easter eggs. Mommy might not be so good and patient as daddy is with this. The kids kept dropping the eggs in so hard and about half of our eggs had cracks in them.

You can see in the background of this picture that there is a rolling pin and cookie cutters, while we were waiting for daddy to come home from work I thought I would start rolling out the cookie dough, and let the kids use the cookie cutters. Again I say I am not so patient with this either, Aiden would push down the cutter and make big finger holes in the cookie, Erin as I will show you in a minute was busy playing in all of the flour. I hadn't realized how much flour she had used. So we quickly stopped that and went to the dying.

This is after I took her outside and brushed all the flour off of her clothes. I don't know if you can see her blue jeans but they have a slight faded look....that is flour.

This is my moms dog Barnabas, who happened to be standing under Erins chair. He was covered in flour as well.
After all was done, we did have a good time and the kids enjoyed coloring their eggs. I think daddy enjoyed it just as much. As for mommy, I will happily take the pictures and let daddy continue the tradition.

Egg Hunt

These are the girls showing off their baskets full of eggs. Maddie hit the jack pot, she found a corner in the parking lot where a lot of eggs had rolled down.

This is Erin's basket, if you notice there are pennies and Hershey's kisses, All of the eggs she got either had pennies or Hershey's kisses.

This is Aiden peaking in his basket to see what he got. It was very cute. This is the first year he can actually enjoy the treats he got.

Here they are on the hunt. We had a good time finding those eggs. Erin got a little too excited and tripped and fell on her basket. All of her eggs went rolling away but a nice little boy helped her pick them all up and put them back. I was very proud of her, she just let it roll off her shoulder and went back to hunting those eggs.

Well we had a very exciting day hunting eggs on Saturday, but for all of my Detroit friends. We did miss DFC just a little, but at least we didn't have to dig our eggs out of the snow this year!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talking with God

It has been a while since I have posted and it's not for lack of stories. My children leave me with plenty of material every day. It's just by the end of the day I'm too tired to sit at the computer and blog about it. Today however I could not go another day and especially thought this is a story worth sharing.

Erin Marie is a child who loves life. One of the things that I pray for both of my kids is that they would know God. Who he is and what he can do for them. I am learning every day that she may know more than I do.

This morning I told the kids that we could probably go outside today. I usually wait until after lunch time because that is when it gets warmer. They both have the runny noses so I thought the warmer it is outside the better for all of us. So as it is getting closer to lunch it is starting to get gloomy outside and the sun disappears. I didn't say anything until after we had eaten lunch that we might not get to go outside because it looks like it's going to rain any minute. To this Erin runs to the back door looks outside and yells "NO GOD! I don't want it to rain! Please make it go away." After I chuckled to myself I tried to explain to Erin that it is ok if we have rain sometimes, because we need rain to make all the pretty flowers grow, the trees and the animals need it as well. I could tell she was thinking about this because she was quite for a few minutes. I thought that was the end so I went back to eating my lunch. As I was eating I noticed that she was still staring out the window and I hear her having this conversation:

"Ok God I guess it's ok if it rains. Mom says we need rain so you can make it rain if you want."

There was some more whispering that I didn't understand and then she says "You will! Oh yea!!! That makes me happy. I want to give you a kiss God" So she puts her hand to her mouth and blows a kiss to heaven for God.

Now I have no idea what God told her but I'm not so convinced that she didn't hear something from him. I sometimes wonder if he talks to her because she is willing to listen. Oh to be a child again, or at least to have the heart of a child. There are days that she drives me crazy but one thing I do know is that she loves God with all of her heart. I pray that this love continues her whole life.
After the whole talking with God, Aiden came over and Erin was saying her night night prayers with Aiden. It was very cute.