Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg Hunt

These are the girls showing off their baskets full of eggs. Maddie hit the jack pot, she found a corner in the parking lot where a lot of eggs had rolled down.

This is Erin's basket, if you notice there are pennies and Hershey's kisses, All of the eggs she got either had pennies or Hershey's kisses.

This is Aiden peaking in his basket to see what he got. It was very cute. This is the first year he can actually enjoy the treats he got.

Here they are on the hunt. We had a good time finding those eggs. Erin got a little too excited and tripped and fell on her basket. All of her eggs went rolling away but a nice little boy helped her pick them all up and put them back. I was very proud of her, she just let it roll off her shoulder and went back to hunting those eggs.

Well we had a very exciting day hunting eggs on Saturday, but for all of my Detroit friends. We did miss DFC just a little, but at least we didn't have to dig our eggs out of the snow this year!

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