Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh how I love my kids!

They are so silly, this was taken by Eric when he was with the kids one night. He said they sat like this for a long time watching a movie.
So I have a few stories about the kids that I just feel like I need to share because I think they are pretty funny kids.

He has been doing this for a while now. He started singing this little song that goes like this "wazzo wazzo wazzo" pretty easy song to remember right? Well it is so much fun to sing that now Erin requests that he sing it. The funny part is that there are times when he will sing this in a very deep growling raspy kind of voice that for a moment it sounds like he's saying "WAZZZZUP" like the beer commercial from a while back. The kids just sit and laugh as they sing this little song. I have no idea where this started or what he got it from. I think it's pretty cute though.

Also, he is talking a whole lot more, and there are still times when I have a hard time understanding what he says but this one I know. "I wub eww mommy" heart melts especially when he cocks his head to the side, squints up his little eyes and has the sweetest little smile on his face. I just want to squeeze him so tight and never let him go.

Oh my do I need prayer with this one. Every day she surprises me with something new. That kid is always thinking. My mom called me this morning and said that she was remembering the day Erin was born and she came out talking. So true! I hadn't thought about it before but she never really cried, she let out these sweet little cat noises almost like she was trying to form some kind of word. I should have known that we were in for a ride with this child.
This happened a while ago, but there was one night she hadn't really eaten her dinner and I felt bad so let her eat a bowl of cheerios before bed. As we were sitting there this is how the conversation went:
Erin: can I have some more mom?
Me: No we are just going to have one bowl tonight.
Erin: Mom I am not asking you for another bowl, I am asking you for more cheerios!
Ahhh....what am I going to do with her. She amazes me with the knowledge she has.

Yesterday as we were driving in the car we pulled up next to a truck. This is how the conversation went:
Erin: Why did that truck take all of our stuff?
Me: What truck? What stuff?
Erin: you know the truck that came to my house and took all of our stuff.
Me: (light bulb goes on) mean when we moved to Mimi's house?
Erin: Yes, where is my stuff, I'm never going to see it again.
Me: Erin don't worry our stuff is at Uncle Bryans house.

Ok so for those of you who don't know when we moved from Michigan last July we had to store our stuff at Eric's uncles house because there was not enough room at my parents for all of our stuff. Also during the conversation she was naming toys that were missing. Now I don't know about other kids but I thought that with kids this young it was kind of an out of sight out of mind thing. Apparently I was wrong because Erin Marie remembers everything. She is too smart.

That's it for now, although it won't be long before they both give me new material to share.

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