Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rainy Days

We actually did this a few weeks ago but it's been kind of rainy the last few days and it reminded me I had these pictures to put up still.
When we moved back home from Michigan I didn't think I would need snow boots for the kids this year because we hardly get enough snow here to play in. Well I was wrong so Papa (my dad) got the kids these rain boots on clearance at Lands end. It turns out they are pretty handy. We have used them in the snow, rain and on days when we feel like singing B-O-O-T-S!
On this particular day it rained hard for just a short period of time, enough to make nice puddles to jump in. I didn't decide to take them out until Eric came home from work. Just before he had gotten home there was a gorgeous rainbow that unfortunately I did not take a picture of. I showed Erin and Aiden and we stood at the front door just staring into the sky. Erin was pretty amazed, Aiden was not as interested. I took this opportunity to explain to Erin that God sent us rainbows as a reminder that he will never flood the earth again. I'm not sure she understood completely but we do sing the song "Who built the Ark?" Anyway I could tell the wheels were turning in her head because suddenly she looked up in the sky and said "God you need to give my daddy a new job." It took me a minute to figure out where that had come from, but I'm thinking that she understood that God keeps his promises so she thought this would be a good opportunity to ask him for another promise. Who knows what really goes on inside that pretty little head of hers, but I thought it was sweet. I don't know that Erin really understands that Eric really does need a different job, it's just that she knows that her daddy is gone a lot more than he used to be and she doesn't like it. Then again she's pretty smart and is very in tune to my feelings. She knows when mommy is upset. I'm trying to get better at not letting things affect me in front of the kids. Some days are harder than others but God gives me the strength I need to make it through another day.
Anyway on to the pictures, after daddy came home we took them out puddle jumping for the first time. They were actually more hesitant than I thought they would be, but by the end of it they were pouring rain water out of their boots.

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