Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talking with God

It has been a while since I have posted and it's not for lack of stories. My children leave me with plenty of material every day. It's just by the end of the day I'm too tired to sit at the computer and blog about it. Today however I could not go another day and especially thought this is a story worth sharing.

Erin Marie is a child who loves life. One of the things that I pray for both of my kids is that they would know God. Who he is and what he can do for them. I am learning every day that she may know more than I do.

This morning I told the kids that we could probably go outside today. I usually wait until after lunch time because that is when it gets warmer. They both have the runny noses so I thought the warmer it is outside the better for all of us. So as it is getting closer to lunch it is starting to get gloomy outside and the sun disappears. I didn't say anything until after we had eaten lunch that we might not get to go outside because it looks like it's going to rain any minute. To this Erin runs to the back door looks outside and yells "NO GOD! I don't want it to rain! Please make it go away." After I chuckled to myself I tried to explain to Erin that it is ok if we have rain sometimes, because we need rain to make all the pretty flowers grow, the trees and the animals need it as well. I could tell she was thinking about this because she was quite for a few minutes. I thought that was the end so I went back to eating my lunch. As I was eating I noticed that she was still staring out the window and I hear her having this conversation:

"Ok God I guess it's ok if it rains. Mom says we need rain so you can make it rain if you want."

There was some more whispering that I didn't understand and then she says "You will! Oh yea!!! That makes me happy. I want to give you a kiss God" So she puts her hand to her mouth and blows a kiss to heaven for God.

Now I have no idea what God told her but I'm not so convinced that she didn't hear something from him. I sometimes wonder if he talks to her because she is willing to listen. Oh to be a child again, or at least to have the heart of a child. There are days that she drives me crazy but one thing I do know is that she loves God with all of her heart. I pray that this love continues her whole life.
After the whole talking with God, Aiden came over and Erin was saying her night night prayers with Aiden. It was very cute.

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