Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Great Idea

This is a little story for those who know my Erin Marie and her signature line "is that a great idea?" I'm not really sure when she actually started to say this but it is a common phrase used repeatedly throughout the day. Usually when she is trying to get me to do something or give her something and she follows up the suggestion with "is that a great idea mom?" hoping that maybe if I think it's a great idea I will do it. Other times I've heard her use it is when I tell her we are going to do something and she thinks it's a great idea, she will rephrase the suggestion as if she came up with the idea on her own and then say "is that a great idea mom?" Whenever family talks about Erin usually this phrase is used as an example of all the silly things she says.

Now on to my story. Even though I notice how much she uses this phrase it did not occur to me that she was aware that this was her famous line....until today. As we were coming home from VBS this afternoon Aiden was asking where his daddy was. So I explained that daddy had to go to work. This is how the conversation went:

Aiden: Daddy hone? (home)
Me: No baby, daddy had to go to work.
Aiden: See daddy at work?
Me: You want to go see daddy at work?
Aiden: yes.....great idea?
Erin: No Aiden, you don't say is that a great idea, I'm supposed to say that.
Me: *laughing*

It was so funny to hear Aiden use Erin's famous line, and even funnier that Erin was upset by the fact that he used it. Aiden used the phrase again tonight, trying to get me to let him go swimming. So it seems that he has picked up on the power of the phrase "is that a great idea?" I am blessed with two beautiful children who are always giving me reason to smile and laugh.


  1. that is so dang funny...
    Aunt Leah

  2. Oh my gosh!!! They are so dang smart! It makes me wish for the days when I thought all the things the girls said were cute and funny. Erin and Aiden are at my favorite age!!! Enjoy every minute.