Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aunt Leah came to Visit

I will have to post pictures later of our trip to the zoo. We like to go to the zoo any time we can. This post is actually a funny little story that happened in the car on the way home. I also have to start the story by saying that while Leah was with us, the kids liked to play ring around the rosy, and that Erin and Aiden would get dizzy. I'm pretty sure that Erin knows what Dizzy means, but she always says "busy". For example she will be spinning around in circles and say..."mom this is making me busy."
So on the way home Erin kept trying to get Aunt Leah to look back at her. I don't really remember why. Leah kept telling her "I'm busy" So this is how the conversation goes.

Erin: Aunt Leah look at me....

Leah: I can't I'm busy

Erin : Did you play too much ring around the rosy?

HE HE!! This girl cracks me up!

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