Thursday, July 30, 2009

Precious Photos

Eric came across an old memory card from our old camera. We hadn't emptied the pictures onto the computer yet. It was fun to see how much we've all changed in such a short time. I have not shown any of me, Eric says that these pictures were from my healthier days (meaning I was eating well) I am happy to say I have slimmed down nicely and have finally lost most of the baby weight. Anyway I thought I would share some of our memories.
This was our other dachshund Zach, he was a sweet dog who loved to sit in your lap. He would try so very hard to lick everyone in the nose. He loved people. We miss him a lot he was hit by a car in the front of our house in Michigan and this was probably one of the last pictures we took of him. He was a big fan of the boppy.

Mimi with her girls

Isabella really does look like Erin.

Toilet Bear! Erin thought he needed to go potty.

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  1. Awww...they're so tiny! :)

    We've got some news. We're moving to Richland, Washington. I'm going to be in Illinois while Brad gets us settled for at least a month, so I'll be seeing you soon!