Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uncle Matthew.....he's kinda silly

The little girl you hear screaming is actually Ethan. Then there is Barnabas who is also screaming in the background

More of silly uncle Matthew. When we went to Ohio for our interview last week, there was a little boy named Ethan that was there for her to play with. On finding out that his name was Ethan she began to tell the pastor about her cousins, the conversation sounded like this:

Erin: .....I have an Ethan too, and there's Maddie, aunt Cindi and uncle Matthew...but he's kinda silly.

She loves her uncle Matthew.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Washable Markers

This is why we use washable markers. This is also what happens when mommy doesn't feel good and isn't paying attention to what the kids are doing. After he had done this he also filled is diaper and so as I was trying to get him clean with a wash cloth he began to get impatient with me, he started to get sweaty and the marker slowly dripped down his forehead. Then he got really mad at me because the wet washcloth was not getting it off of his hand quick enough and he started to cry. Now the marker is getting in his eye dripping down his nose and into his mouth. It was at this point I decided I was just going to put him in the tub and hose him down. As I was washing him, he was screaming at me because he does not like the shower head, he likes the bath better, so I used this as a nice teaching moment. This is how the conversation went between Aiden and I:
Aiden: (screaming) I want bath....I want bath....
Me: I'm trying to hurry up Aiden, I just want to get you clean, it's not really bath time.
Aiden: (screaming) NO!!!
Me: Aiden, are you going to write on yourself with a marker again.
Aiden: (in the saddest little tiny voice) no.