Thursday, September 24, 2009

Uncle Matthew.....he's kinda silly

The little girl you hear screaming is actually Ethan. Then there is Barnabas who is also screaming in the background

More of silly uncle Matthew. When we went to Ohio for our interview last week, there was a little boy named Ethan that was there for her to play with. On finding out that his name was Ethan she began to tell the pastor about her cousins, the conversation sounded like this:

Erin: .....I have an Ethan too, and there's Maddie, aunt Cindi and uncle Matthew...but he's kinda silly.

She loves her uncle Matthew.


  1. Hi Angela! Just checking in with you all. I enjoy reading your blog!

    Much Love,

  2. Nice work with the kiddos, Matthew! I have some good memories of playing on that floor. Keep those kids laughing.