Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh My Gracious!! I love this Boy!

This is my boy! Aiden Nathaniel can melt my heart at times and other times cause me to completely lose my patience. This however is one of those times he melts my heart. The top picture we were at our church fall festival and were walking to the bouncy house. He stopped in front of me grabbed my legs and said in the sweetest little voice:
"I love you momma!"
Oh my word I just wanted to squeeze him and never let go.
Aiden has also started talking so much that he has developed a slight stutter. He just gets to talking to fast and can't get his words out. Yesterday he suddenly discovered that he has a problem and would get hung up on the word "you"
This won't be the same as actually hearing him say this but here is an idea of what it sounds like.
"yu yu yu yu yu....Ohhhhhh( in a growling voice) I bedder slow down" (giggle giggle)
It was so cute I couldn't help but laugh and smile at him. He's so smart it didn't take him long to realize that when we tell him to slow down we mean slow down his speech so he can get his words out.
I LOVE HIM!! Thank you God for this precious little boy!