Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Precious Moment

I have to share some sweet moments with this precious girl of mine. I chose this picture because it shows her free wheelin', not a care in the world, no fear, happy personality. This girl with the exception of a few moments has been smiling and loving life from the moment she entered the world. She loves to be around people and knows no stranger. I could go on forever but I just wanted you to see her happy little face while I explain this little story.
Some of you know we went on another interview at a church a few weeks ago. This was actually Erin's birthday weekend and even though we did not get that job we really did enjoy our time there. It was relaxing and very comfortable meeting all of the people at this church. During one of our meetings, a lunch meeting with the pastor and his wife Erin made her way right between he and his wife. It really was precious she just wants to love on everyone and for them to do the same. So as we waited for our food we decided to pray ahead of time. She wanted to pray for our meal. She did an outstanding job as she normally does and we were all smiles....until....the pastor says how sweet it is to hear children pray. Then I had to open my mouth and say "it's fun to talk to Jesus isn't it Erin?" Oh dear what came out of her mouth next...
"Mom, who's Jesus?"
Jaws dropped, I was speechless and i think Eric was as well. After a few seconds we all just laughed and moved on.
Moving on to just a couple of weeks ago. My great uncle passed away just before thanksgiving and his funeral was the weekend after. Since I am still living with my parents the kids and I were able to tag along and attend the funeral. Eric had to stay behind and work.
This really was a sweet time for many reasons. One being this is a side of the family we don't see often but are still very close, so when we do get to see each other it is a time of remembering and talking as though we had not missed a day. This was a nice time for my kids especially for Erin because she is getting older and his able to understand and remember things a lot better.
On Friday we went to the funeral home for the visitation and I walked up to the casket with both kids, and as I was approaching I began to think what will I say if she asks questions. It had dawned on me to late that maybe I should have talked about this with her before we went up there, but we were there and I had to think of something quick. Luckily Aiden was with his Aunt Leah and I was able to focus on talking with Erin.
She did not disappoint as soon as we got up there she asked "Who is that mom?" So I explained this is "Mimi's uncle, my great uncle, and your great great uncle" To which she nodded with complete understanding (he he..not really) I just kept going.
"He died and is going to be with Jesus" Erin of course came through with her "why" question over and over. In a nutshell this is what I explained to her:
He got very sick, very quickly and wasn't getting better, so God thought it would be better if he came to live with him for now. Now he is up in heaven and is not sick anymore.
This is where it gets me every time I think of this story. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said "But mom, I want to live with Jesus!"
OH! With tears in my eyes I said I know you do, and you will some day, but for now Jesus lives with you in your heart.
She is a precious little girl and I'm pretty confident she knows who Jesus is!

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