Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Thoughts Chapter 2

We are in the midst of moving to Texas right now. Most of you know the story and once I get all settled in there I will post a little story of how we ended up in Texas. For now I will just tell you WE ARE MOVING TO TEXAS!! WHOO HOO!! I actually am pretty excited and looking forward to what 2010 will bring for my family. For now I thought I would share a little bit of what is going on in my mind today. So here it goes.

This morning I was reading my bible, and I've been following the little chart in the back of my bible for daily reading. Today was Genesis 24 and 25. I was struck by many funny thoughts as I was reading. For instance chapter 24 is about how Isaac got his wife Rebekah. I thought wouldn't it be nice if that's how we all found our spouses. Now I realize I am already married (happily in case you were wondering) but I'm thinking about my children. I would really like to send a messenger to a place of my choosing and fetch Aiden a wife or Erin a husband. God is there any chance you might let that happen in my case? Now I do realize that this was all in God's plan and that it doesn't matter how it happened Isaac and Rebekah were meant to be married. This also made me start to think that even though my children are young that I should start thinking about praying for their future spouses. I am a definite believer in the power of prayer. I think that God wants me to pray that for my children. So I have come to a new resolution for the new year, I will pray daily for my children's future spouses. Whoa! That is really hard to think about.

Now I am no philosophical person (as a matter of fact that was really hard for me to spell) so I'm not sure that's what most people get out of reading that scripture but for me it is. There are many times when I read scripture and feel a little inadequate as far as finding meaning in it. I'm a simple person and at times don't feel as smart or intelligent as those around me. (Don't get me wrong I'm not looking for a pity party or feel sorry for me because I don't feel smart I'm just expressing how I feel at times) I like to think that I am more common sense smart than book smart and I'm OK with that. (please don't tell me if you disagree just let me live in my fantasy)

My next thought as I continued to read chapter 24 was that what kind of lunatic parents did Rebekah have that they just let her walk out of the house with all her things to go and marry some complete stranger! I am amazed at the kind of faith and trust her people had in God. To know by simple signs that this was from God. I mean come on....I'm a little more like Gideon (that's the right person right?) I need him to make the ground wet and the wool dry, then I need him to do the opposite, then I need a slap in the face, a little writing on the wall, a few lightening strikes on a cloudless day....I could go on. Even if God did all those things for me I would probably still be a little leery.

After reading this though I was struck with the thought that this is sort of what I'm going through now. My family is being called away. We are being called to Texas, this will be the furthest we've ever been from home. I am scared and have moments of unwillingness. I am going to a place I don't know. I worry about Erin especially because she understands that we are leaving things she knows, her school, her friends at church, her cousin Maddie, her Mimi, Papa and Grammy. I worry about Aiden too, but he's such a mommas boy that as long as I'm there I think he'll be OK. We will miss our family and I'm sad that my kids and my niece and nephews will not get to grow up together but I do know that this was God's will and we will go where he calls us.

On a less serious note some other thoughts I've had today are:
"I wonder if I could get someone to come and pack for me without it costing me extra"
"I have a lot of people I would like to see and not enough time to do it in"
"I wonder if the kids would notice if I just packed one container of toys and left the rest of them....of course they would notice" followed by...
"I need more Rubbermaid containers."
After packing one container I was tired and took a break and have not gone back to it. I think I work better under pressure, I'll just wait to pack until it's almost time to pack the truck.
Although everyone knows I'm a huge worrier and the longer I wait the more worried I'll get so it really isn't a good idea. Of course I will find something else to worry about in the mean time so I'm not sure it matters. I've really got to work on this leaning on God thing. It's a huge struggle for me.

Pray for me friends as we begin this new adventure.


  1. You're in my prayers, friend.

    Smart is reading the word and applying it to your life. I think you're smart. :)

    When we moved ourselves, we used You guys probably have plenty people who will help you load up for free though. The packing is the yucky part. Ugh, and then the unpacking.... I feel for you. :)

  2. Love readying your blog--it is such a fresh look at life--and I love the sense of excitement and anticipation regarding what God has ahead for you and your family. I am praying for you as these days pass, that each will be a beautiful picture that will sustain and comfort you when you are far away from this familiar place and learning to live and love in a new place--