Monday, February 15, 2010

conversations with Aiden

I have had a couple of interesting conversations with Aiden this morning. So it thought before I continue my journey to Texas saga I would share this with you.
Eric was making us breakfast this morning and Aiden came in and wanted to know what he was making. This is how the conversation went:
Aiden: What's that smell momma?
Me: Daddy's making sausage, maple flavored sausage.
Aiden: I don't like sawjij (using j's was the closest way I could show you how he said it)
Me: There isn't much you do like these days. You are like your uncle matthew!
Aiden: Daddy's not uncle matthew.
Me: I know daddy's not uncle matthew I said you are LIKE uncle matthew.
Aiden: No I not uncle matthew
Me: No, Aiden I'm saying that you do things like Uncle matthew
Aiden: but I Aiden
Me: Never mind

A few minutes later I was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast to be served. When Aiden came to me and wanted me to hold him. So as he was talking to me his voice is going in and out. He has got another terrible cold and he's got this high pitch squeaky voice. So I said "Aiden I think you're losing your voice" and his response was "these pants aren't losing" He thought I was telling him he was losing his pants. I think he's so used to me telling him "hey you're losing your pants" he just assumed that's what I was talking about. I guess I should be grateful that he actually answered instead of saying "huh momma....wud you say?"

I'll post more on our Texas story later.

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