Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright....

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately it's been a crazy month. We are now moved to Texas! We've been here for about three weeks now. It has been an adventure and I'm sure it's just the beginning, but good things are happening in Hereford and in the Skelton family. God has blessed us more than we deserve. I don't have any pictures put on my computer yet but soon I'll show pictures of our home.
I'll start by telling you our journey from home. Eric had to be here in Texas for a youth event and we were not able to move before then. So he had to drive down by himself and then flew back home just in time to load the truck and head back to Texas.
I stayed behind with the kids to finish packing the rest of our things at the house.(Some how Eric manages to get out of packing) Most of our stuff was already packed and stored because we moved in with my parents after we left Michigan and didn't have room for most of it. That made moving a lot easier this time. Eric left on a Tuesday and I took that day and Wednesday to do some packing. My wonderful sister-in-law took the kids one day so that I could get things done a lot quicker. It was a very busy week and in the middle of all the packing we wanted the cousins to have time to spend together. We managed to get a little cousin time in every day and Erin and Aiden loved it. So did I, it gave me a chance to spend time with my sister-in-law as well. It made me sad to think that we've lived that close for over a year and it never dawned on me how we could have been doing that stuff all along. Life gets so busy sometimes we forget what's important. By Friday morning I was sick....not a little sick I was sick very sick. I couldn't finish packing and could barely take care of my kids. It was at that moment that Satan saw his in and began to work into my fears. There was so much I wanted to do still and I had to rest. My parents kind of took over and helped me care for Erin and Aiden. I started to get angry that Eric wasn't there and had to settle down and realize that this is all a part of the plan. That God was in control and no matter what we would still get to Texas. Going back and looking on this I think being sick may have been a blessing for me because I didn't have to pack the truck all I had to do was point to boxes and say "this one goes" it was great! My dad and brother with a little help loaded the truck for us. By the time Eric got home we were pretty much finished ahead of schedule and were able to get on the road a lot earlier than we thought. God is good!
We left on a Tuesday and drove all the way to Oklahoma and it was just in time. The kids were doing so well until about the last 20 minutes. I was afraid i was going to lose it but then we came to our hotel and all was good again. The kids went swimming and loved it! Our dog who is usually a nervous wreck traveled nicely. It was a good trip. The next morning we took our time had a nice breakfast and got back on the road.
Side Note: On this day my mother "accidentally" took an ambien. This made for pretty interesting conversation between her and my dad. When this happens we try to keep the kids away for fear she will scare them. Due to her mishap we had to stop just about every hour to use the bathroom, now while normally I welcome the chance to get out of the car I was still sick and wanted to rest. It was a little frustrating but we had some good laughs over this.
We pulled in to our new home to find the pastor waiting for us and shortly after people from the church came to help us unload the truck. When we got here our goal was to at least get the beds set up so we could sleep. By the end of the day the truck was completely empty we had unpacked most of my kitchen stuff, the beds were all set up, TV was set up, bookshelves, and kitchen table all put together. It was amazing and we are grateful to everyone who helped us unload.
I also forgot to mention that before we even got here Eric had received many gift cards and lots of food to fill our home. We were feeling humbled and blessed. God is good!
We are still getting settled in our home and have some things yet to unpack but it feels like home and we are loving the church and the people in it. They have welcomed us and loved us and we don't want to be anywhere else.
I'll have to post in parts because it's been a while and I have lots of stories to tell. For now just know we are here, safe and loving Texas more and more every day.


  1. I can't wait for the pictures!
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  2. thanks for the update. keep them coming.

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