Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do you see this girl?

This child is precious! She has a special gift. It's the gift of melting your heart in once second and then send flames and smoke from your eyes and ears the next.
For example, this girl can recall that I was in a small car accident, even though she wasn't even in the car. She brings this up anytime we are in the car just to remind me what I had done. She can recall the fact that one time while trying to turn a movie on I had not muted it and that static noise scared her and Aiden. This she brings up at the most random times just so I know that I had made a mistake. Then there is this, which sends me over the edge, the child puts her shoes on every day and still can't remember which one goes on the right foot. Now I realize that yes she is only 4, but come on, she can recall all of my mistakes that happened weeks, days, months ago but the one thing she does every day she can not memorize? She is conspiring against me.
Then there are moments when she comes in with her lips puckered to give me a kiss. She tells me "mom when ever you get sick again....I will always take care of you." or when she will randomly lean over and kiss my hand and tell me she loves me, or at church when she was so distraught because someone had given her a gift during children's church and she didn't have anything to give back. She has a sweet spirit and a smile that is contagious. LOVE HER!!

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