Thursday, March 11, 2010

Great Idea

This is what I heard today. I wish I had the ability to record their voices all day long. The things that come out of their mouths are amazing.

Erin and Aiden were playing together a few minutes ago. They are playing "fix it" which really means they are just playing with Aidens play tools to fix things around the house. Erin really likes to head up this game and let Aiden know what he is too fix. As a matter of fact Erin likes be in charge of most of the games they play together. Usually the scenario is this:
Erin: "OK Aiden how about I'll be the princess and you be _________ "(Aiden's character varies depending on what they are playing but Erin will forever be the princess in every circumstance)

Today was pretty much the same only I heard this small conversation. Aiden is getting braver.

Aiden: "ERIN ERIN ERIN I've got my great idea!!"

Erin: " Grrrr...... ok Aiden WHAT!"

I really didn't hear the rest of the conversation I was laughing too much at the growling sound that came out of Erin. She really does not like anyone else to have a "great idea". Oh I love these kids!

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