Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Texas. I decided it was a day to be outside. So we got ready, I got my coffee, a nice book and lathered us all up in sunscreen. We are so grateful to Mimi and Papa for this wonderful swing set we have to play on and to Grandma and Grandpa the best turtle sandbox ever!! It makes our back yard a fun place to be.
Anyway, as I was sitting in my chair minding my own business, Erin comes up to me and informs me that she will be changing her name. This is how the conversation went.
Erin: Mom, i was thinking of changing my name.
Me: Oh really? What name were you thinking?
Erin: Clarissa
Me: Huh? Why do you want to change your name?
Erin: uh, well Erin is kind of boring.

WHAT!! Boring!! This child that I was in labor with for almost a full 24 hours is telling me that the name I picked especially for her is BORING! I don't think so!(this of course was in my head I refrained from speaking this aloud)

After this conversation I immediately called my mom and we tried to get out of Erin where she got the name Clarissa from and still have yet to figure that out. The good news is that I think she has since forgotten and still answers to the name Erin.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You forgot to do this!

I was woken up by my loud children this morning. I was expecting them to sleep in because we had no rest time yesterday and church last night. So it was definitely late when they were finally asleep. I went to bed expecting to have a restful morning, but to my suprise they were both slamming doors running through the house and it wasn't even 8:00 yet. I was only a little bitter about it.

As I was sitting in my chair stewing about the fact that I really wanted to be in my bed still sleeping Aiden came up to me and said "hey you forgot to do this." When I looked down to see what he was talking about, I was shocked to see he was holding my bible. He knows that mommy gets up, gets breakfast and read her bible. He saw that I had not done my nomral routine this morning. It was a nice reminder that I needed to change my attitude and that my kids watch what I do. Makes me a little bit more aware of my actions. So I guess I won't be bitter when my kids don't sleep in and focus more on the fact that they are a gift from God.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's not a dress!

Erin: Oh mom can I wear this today!
Me: Sure baby, it's warm enough today let's find the shorts that go with it.
Erin: I don't need shorts it's a dress.
Me: No, Erin it's not a dress it's just a long shirt you need to wear something underneath.
Erin: but mom, it looks like a dress
Me: Yes, it may look like a dress but it is not a dress you have to wear something underneath.
Erin: OK
After this short little conversation we go into the bathroom to brush teeth and do hair. As I'm trying to do her hair she is turning her head, standing on her tip toes, moving around as much as she can so that it is extremely difficult to get a pony tail in. I get it in and she looks cute as can be.(You can see for yourself from the picture) Now picture this...after the hair is done I'm trying to help her brush her teeth. I need her to actually look at me in order to see the teeth I'm brushing. As I'm doing this she is trying to gaze at herself in the mirror. I keep turning her head to look at me and her eyes are just about rolled back into her head trying to look in the mirror. It was funny after the fact but during I was getting frustrated. It is clear that she has no self image issues. She then proceeds to ask me if we can take her picture so I said "Of course" because I need proof of this day to tell her when she's a teenager.
A little later in the day:
Me: Erin you need to quit pulling your shirt down. It has to cover your chest. It's a shirt!
Erin: It looks like a dress
Me: It's not a dress it's a shirt.
Erin: but watch when I spin....
Me: I see that it flares out like dresses do but it's still a shirt
Erin: and mom it covers my bottom
Me: It may cover some of your bottom but let me tell you, you will never wear a dress that is that short!
Erin: alright
Later that night I am in the shower and she comes in to go potty:
Erin: Mom this really does look like a dress.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Were real hone....

So I had this conversation with Aiden the other day :
Aiden: hey momma, where's my blue mater thing? (full of the cutest little lisps)
Me: Huh? I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Aiden: my blue mater sing (thing) that you roll on in da baftub on were bellys.
Me: Well Aiden I'm still not sure what you mean.
Aiden: Did we leave it at were real hone? (our real home)
To this I finally realized what he was talking about. It was some Avon stuff that the neighbor had gotten for the kids and it's colored soap that the kids could roll on themselves in the bath tub and yes we did leave it at Mimi and Papa's house which is what Aiden was referring to as "were real hone" While I don't want to offend any of our Hereford friends because we love Texas and love this town. It just melted my heart a little to hear Aiden call Mimi and Papas our real home. He's such a precious boy. I think Mimi's heart melted a little bit too.