Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Were real hone....

So I had this conversation with Aiden the other day :
Aiden: hey momma, where's my blue mater thing? (full of the cutest little lisps)
Me: Huh? I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Aiden: my blue mater sing (thing) that you roll on in da baftub on were bellys.
Me: Well Aiden I'm still not sure what you mean.
Aiden: Did we leave it at were real hone? (our real home)
To this I finally realized what he was talking about. It was some Avon stuff that the neighbor had gotten for the kids and it's colored soap that the kids could roll on themselves in the bath tub and yes we did leave it at Mimi and Papa's house which is what Aiden was referring to as "were real hone" While I don't want to offend any of our Hereford friends because we love Texas and love this town. It just melted my heart a little to hear Aiden call Mimi and Papas our real home. He's such a precious boy. I think Mimi's heart melted a little bit too.

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