Friday, October 1, 2010

So much to tell!!

Wow It's been a whirlwind since the last time I posted. We had such a busy summer and since school has started it's gotten busier. Who'd have thought that???? We were expecting things to slow down once school started. I think I'll just make a small or large list of all the things that have been happening in our crazy lives.

June: (Let's see if I can remember all that happened)
1. Eric went to camp with the teens
2. The following week I went home for three weeks to stay with family. Such a fun time!
3. Eric took the teens on his first youth trip with this youth group. It was awesome! No one was seriously injured and no major emergencies. Yes the occasional bus break down, cut open eyelid, possible dislocated shoulder, but nothing major.

July: (don't remember much of July)
1. Came home to the busy life of ministry
2. I'm sure there were lots of exciting things that occurred during this month but remember last month we found out I was pregnant so I'm using pregnancy brain as my excuse. That and I spent most of this month and august being miserable with morning sickness all day long.

August: (again not sure that I remember much about this month)
1. Was offered a job at the school that is in our church
2. Signed up Erin for school
3. Decided I should sign up Aiden for school since I would be working in his class.
(I'm the teachers aide in the k-3 class and also do reading tutoring as well as a reading computer program with some of the older kids)
4. School starts and so does the crazy schedule.
5. Eric started friday lunches again for the high school students.This is where we offer a free lunch to the students who want it. We drive buses to the school to pick them up and bring them to the church. It's an amazing opportunity for Eric to get to know the kids and to bring some in who don't go to church. It has grown more and more each week.
6. We finally decide to squeeze in a vacation.

Sept. (Hopefully I remember more of this since this month just ended yesterday)
1. We set our vacation for this month!!!
2. I have found new love in football
3. I have prayed for patience every day with these three year olds that I work with
4. I love every single kid in my class even though they drive me crazy!!
5. Eric had his first 5th quarter (this may have occurred in august I don't remember) and had 250 teens.
6. Eric had a saw you at the pole rally and combined with the churches in our community...almost 200.
7. We took the kids on our first family vacation and it was amazing. We experienced the best and worst of vacations and loved every second of it. Got rained on.....couldn't find a place to eat, and sometimes got a little cranky. I can't wait to do it again! I'll post pictures in another post later.
8. I have finally started to feel this baby move a little bit. I have been so worried about this pregnancy and have absolutely no reason to but would still appreciate prayers.
9. Missing my family a lot it's been so long since we've seen any of them, but enjoying our Hereford family. They have taken good care of us!
10. Oh and the biggest news (besides the baby) we bought a suburban! Can you believe it we're true Texans now. God was in that, what a blessing we got such a good deal I'm not sure the guy who sold it to us made anything of the sale.

That in a nutshell is what we have been up to for the last four months. I'm sure I've missed a lot but I will hopefully start to get regular updates on here and will post first day of school pics and vacation pics soon. I'm sure I've got some fun pictures from our visit home too. I am out for now I have a sick little boy today.

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