Friday, August 21, 2015

The sweetest sound

I have brought five newborns home from the hospital in the last eleven years. You would think after five kids I would have the hang of it and the "little things" wouldn't freak me out so badly. I suppose you would say it's "normal" a "new mom" thing and you would be correct. There are so many emotions and hormones floating around in my body and there's no telling what will set me off. (My poor husband)

 So like a "normal" mommy I wake up numerous times through the night just to make sure baby is breathing, I worry that she's not eating enough, or that I'm not producing enough milk for her to grow. I worry that she may choke on her spit up so I make her sleep in her car seat for the first three weeks of her life. No one can touch her without washing their hands and heaven forbid if you sneeze near her. Do I have all the "equipment" she needs to survive her newborn days. I can not tell you how badly I was convinced this latest child needed a swing. So thank you grandma and grandpa she has a deluxe princess swing. I could go on and on with a list of things that I have worried about since the latest Skelton baby has arrived but nothing freaks me out more than this....


I realize this may sound crazy but I honestly think about this, and have for every single one of my children. I remember early on in our marriage hearing my husband preach a sermon about the sweetest sound to our ears, it's our NAME!! So it is my responsibility as this childs' parent to make sure she knows her name.

It was shortly after we brought our firstborn home that we started calling her Erin Marie, to be sure that she knew what her name was my mom came up with this little tune:

Erin Marie the prettiest girl I see
she's my Erin Marie,
She's Mimi's ba-a-by
She was in no trouble of not knowing what her name was. (Also side note for those who know me you can now understand that it comes naturally to me to put everything into a song) By baby number three the singing of their names became third born recently informed his Mimi that when she sings "it makes my head crack open". You may think this is harsh but I appreciate his explanation to her, I just get "mom stop it" We certainly don't need anyones' head to crack open in the Skelton family.
After my fourth was born we immediately started to call him nicknames..."tater tot", "tot", and Gavin gave him the name "baby tot" that last one stuck and we still call him "baby tot" at almost three years old. This really freaked me out for him, I was sure that if I didn't start calling him Nathan, it would be too late we would have to legally change his name to Baby Tot Skelton. I couldn't let that happen.
After all of my kids were born, I had moments when it was me and the newborn. Most likely it was a trip to the Dr. or a fleeting moment that I snuck away with just one kid but I would sit in the car thinking "Have I used their name enough?" I better start talking to them. So here I am in the car yelling to the back seat
 "Erin Marie....I love you"
"Aiden Nathaniel....mommy loves you"
"Gavin David....Love you sweet boy"
"Nathan Charles...I hear you and I love you"
"Lillian Grace...princess momma loves you"
And even though it makes his head crack open I still sing to each of them using their names in various ways. They LOVE it!
So these are the irrational thoughts that go through this new mommas head, but I truly believe that the sweetest sound we can hear is the precious name we were given. What a sweet gift that is unique to us. There is no Erin Marie like my Erin Marie, there is no Aiden Nathaniel like my Aiden Nathaniel, there is no Gavin David like my Gavin David, there is no Nathan Charles like my Nathan Charles and there is no Lillian Grace like my Lillian Grace.
The Lord has blessed my husband and I with five of the most precious kiddos. He knew them before they were formed and He knew their names, He knows the hairs on their heads and He trusted me with their lives.